Use subfolders. I can't move files into a folder now.




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    Product Team

    Subfolders are now live.

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    Anthony Ponce

    I'm having this EXACT same issue.  PLEASE, PLEASE add subfolders and the basic ability to scroll through all the existing folders.  There are so many folders now that I can not scroll enough to add 5 recent transcriptions to the folder I want.  

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    Meredith Metzler

    It would also be helpful if we could control the order the folders show up in (e.g., organizing by name). Right now it automatically changes based on what you used last, which is not helpful on a multi-part project. 

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    Laura Mullan

    Same issues here, including the inability to sort folders / Trints by name.

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    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for your feedback, this is exactly the kind of information we're hoping to collect from these forums. I'm happy to say that we've been working on a solution to some of these issues...that solution is the newly designed Trints page.

    As of this morning, all users should be able to opt in to the new page to test it out, but we are hoping to migrate everyone to it within a couple of weeks.

    How will the new page help? First, it drastically improves performance for users with a high volume of uploads; the problems mentioned here, being unable to load or scroll to the bottom of the page should no longer be an issue. Second, it allows you to rename folders, and provides different views of those folders (All Trints & Recent Trints) for improved organisation/sorting. Finally, and perhaps the most exciting aspect of this new page, is that it provides a solid base from which we can make further edits (think sub-folders, more views, different ways of sorting, etc.). 

    We are really excited about the new design, and I hope you'll test it out and give us your feedback at:

    All the best,


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