Share interactive transcripts publicly, ideally also HTML embeds




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    Alastair Jardine

    Hi Jonas,

    Have you seen the Interactive Transcript export format?

    Hope that helps


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    Jonas Jancarik

    I have to admit that I didn't - or rather I saw it but it didn't click immediately. I was looking for a "share" button to be honest, but only found the option to share by email.

    Still, while this is a very good option for devs who have full control over the website where the interactive transcript should be published, it doesn't really help all that much in the particular case I am dealing with right now, which is a very locked-down corporate CMS with only basic permissions given to the site admin. I am sure I am not the only one who faces a similar situation.

    This is why I believe a ready-made sharing version + embed code would be helpful. (The editor styling is really good and could work well for external viewers too, I believe).

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    Hi Jonas,

    Thank you for this feedback. I'll send your request on to our product development team and this will help them determine how to prioritise the new features we add to Trint.

    Keep an eye on our product development page to see our latest updates:

    All the best,


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    Lynn Friedman

    Hi Connor - I want to second Jonas's feedback - although the export feature does present the option to export an interactive transcript, there is no way then to easily share the resulting export with others - e.g., a simple embed script or link. One needs to have programming experience and access to the HTML on a web site, and there are no real instructions for how to do even that - I showed the file to a web programmer and it was very unclear to them what they should do with it. We don't have a web site for our project (yet), so it appeared that we would need to create one just to demo this functionality for our (potential) sponsors. 

    Another concern for the sponsors was the reliance on a proprietary format and player. Ideal solution to all of this would be if there was an open standard for "interactive transcript" format, similar to the WebVTT and SRT formats for captions, that was supported by any number of non-proprietary interactive transcript players. Any sense of whether such a thing exists or is in the works?

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    James L

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for describing your use case for interactive transcripts in more detail. We will work on improved guidelines of the current version of interactive transcripts, and pass this on to our product development team to consider in their further work on the product.

    Thanks again,


    Trint Support

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