Keyboard shortcuts don't work in Chrome



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    Hi Sergio,

    Which device are you using to access Trint?

    Here are several tips for you (and anyone else with a similar question) that may help:

    1. Keyboard shortcuts are made by using the CTRL button; we've found that on some computers (Mac devices in particular) the Command button will occasionally control other processes and, if you press command + another key, will make something else entirely outside of Trint happen! This can be confusing for some people, as most are accustomed to using command for shortcuts on a Mac.

    2. Try using Google Chrome incognito mode to see if this helps (it will disable any plugins or extensions you may have in place that could be interfering with the site.

    3. We've recently added a couple of alternative shortcuts for common features, take a look and see if these work for you.

    4. If all else fails, give us a shout at We're more than happy to help!

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