use the shortcut 'tab' rather than 'cntrl-space' for play/pause




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    Alastair Jardine

    Hi Ralf,

    Thanks for the feedback. We're actively looking at implementing this. I can't promise an exact date, but it'll be in the next few weeks. 

    Best wishes, Alastair @ Trint


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    Myles Grogan


    I agree with Ralf that the current playback system is unwieldy. Before using Trint, I often used a transcribing software which pauses when you hit f5. (This feature was on two pieces of software I used.) You can also set a default rewind time, so you can listen to the last few seconds again. These features seem fairly common in CAQDAS systems.

    In addition, many keyboards have playback built into them. Is it not possible to use playback systems already built in? Perhaps using some kind of "Preference" system?

    Many thanks again. 


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