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    Hi Daren,

    Thanks for contacting us about this. This kind of feedback is crucial for us to determine how our user's want to see our product develop. How would this help you in particular? I assume it's not enough that the speaker's names are transcribed in full upon export, so what added benefit would this give to you or your team? Would you want names extending into the whitespace on the left? How many characters do you think would be sufficient for your purposes?

    I'll send this information and anything else you provide on to the product team. You can also keep up to date with the newest changes to the platform by keeping an eye on out Product Development page:

    All the best,


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    Daren Gillespie
    Value add:
    Makes it easier to find the name you want if it's in the drop down. Since a majority of our speaker names are Senator X, seeing the first name doesn't really help.
    Visual proofing for correct spelling
    The just have a heavy reliance on navigating by speaker
    The names would extend into the whitespace on the left
    Our longest name at this point is Senator Pansing Brooks
    Let me know if I can provide any more information.
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    Daren Gillespie

    Below is directly for one of the users in the pilot program:

    The drop-down menu of speaker names isn't visible after 15 (or so) characters, which makes it less useful when so many entries begins with "Senator."

    Also, once that list is populated, is there a way to remove or edit entries? For instance, I typed "SENATOR CHAMBERS" (without a colon) and "SENATOR CHAMBERS:" (with a colon) and the version with the colon is what should be used. I can't tell which version to choose from the quick menu because the characters aren't visible. I'd like to remove them both and put in only the correct entry, or be able to see which one is correct and remove the incorrect entry. Either way, I'd like to be able to edit that drop-down menu's entries.

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