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    Product Team

    What's new

    8 August 2018

    • Snappier!
    • Updated an improved toolbar
    • Breadcrumbs now functional (bye bye "home")
    • Improved credit remaining display
    • Displaying the number of items in each folder e.g. Folder name (8)
    • Improved move user interface
    • Improve rename user interface

    17 July 2018

    • Batch Exports
    • Cleaner design for Empty folders

    11 July 2018

    • Breadcrumbs! 'Home' will disappear soon
    • Improved responsive view (check it out on mobile)
    • Improved icons
    • Better loading indicator
    • Refined exports panel
    • Right clicking to Open in New Tab 
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    Meredith Metzler

    What do you like? Looks nice! The promise of future subfolder options is really great to hear about. 

    What don't you like / what should we add? The transcribed vs. edited is not very intuitive. Something about the transcribed being so bold and the edited being more muted makes you think the "transcribed" version would be the finished product. But it's not done (e.g., actually fully transcribed) until it's been edited/fixed by the user. It would be helpful to mark what's in progress (edited), what's finished in addition to the automated transcription. Right now I'm using folders to do that work, so subfolders would be really helpful.

    Also the "Home" folder is not intuitive and really confusing since it moves around within each folder. 

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    vince lucero

    Still no way to share folders?  I have a bunch of Trints in a folder.  Would like a link to the whole folder for collaborators to see.  Thanks!

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    Dave Conklin

    Trint, seriously... We need to be able to share folders... Pretty please.

    I have to share a bunch of individual files with a client.

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    Product Team

    Hi Dave,

    You can batch share transcripts from the Trints page: just select the ones you want to share, hit "Share" in the toolbar, then follow the instructions. 

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