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    Product Team

    Hey all,

    This feature is coming in the next couple of weeks! Keep a look out for an invite to the new Trints page. If you'd like to be part of the initial rollout, please email and we'll provide you with access.

    Best wishes

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    Alastair Jardine

    Hi Lisa,

    At the moment, there's no way you can do this unfortunately. We're actively exploring building this feature.

    It would be helpful to know what formats are you expecting to batch download, and what you'd expect us to do for multiple files (e.g should we compress them into a zip file?).

    Thank you for the feedback!
    Alastair (Product @ Trint)


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    Andy Gillan

    With a checkbox - In the same way that you can download from dropbox. Or move emails in Gmail. Another option would be to select all transcriptions in a folder and then download the entire folder. I'm downloading 30 -60 slide transcriptions for 8 modules and although the the upload service is great, the downloading side of things is PAINFUL.

    Almost to the point where I'm considering changing to another service because of just how LONG it takes to download a module.

    Trint is great, just please make downloading easier for us x

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    Kyle Jackson

    I have 42 transcripts to download as VTT and I counted about 7 clicks per transcript to download, totalling nearly 300 clicks.

    Being able to multi-select the transcripts, pick the format, and download a zip would be a HUGE time saver. The Box integration is super fast and easy, but the easy stops there...

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    Rob Harris

    I agree with Kyle & Andy, a checkbox to pick your transcripts, choose the format, and receive a zip file.


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