Allow me to pre-upload a list of names and terms...




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    Ian Lyons

    Industry specific databases would be really useful - knowing the file is a medical context would improve accuracy immensely

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    Alastair Jardine

    Thanks Andrew & Ian. We'll add this to a list of things we're looking at.

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    Rowan Machalow

    I just wanted to second this... It would be immensely helpful to give a handful of terms that are specific to the transcript and teach them to the software.

    For example, I'm interviewing people about a product called "Eureka." It comes up about 10-30 times in each 60-minute transcript, and EVERY SINGLE TIME it is wrong. Moreover, it's wrong in a different way each time so I can't even search and replace. 

    Just fixing this word can add 20 minutes to the time that I need to make corrections to a transcript, since once the software hits a word it doesn't know, it often messes up the words before or after it, and there isn't any way to search for these errors. 

    This is one of the major things that makes me more inclined to go to another service that uses human transcribers who would be able to figure out something like this.  


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    Product Team

    Andrew, Ian & Rowan,

    We now have a solution for you! It's called Vocab Builder, and it allows you to add industry specific terms, complex names, or terms that it struggles with e.g. Eureka.

    You can access your Vocab Builder page via the Account and Settings dropdown. Build out your words, upload a file, check the "Vocab Builder" option on the language selector in the upload flow.

    If you're correcting a transcript and want to add a word, select it and click "Add to Vocab" from the toolbar.

    Check out our FAQ if you want more details about how it works.

    Best wishes, Alastair

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