export audio segments of the highlighted sections




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    Hi all,

    Thanks for all the feedback! Great suggestion, and we can see how it would streamline your workflow. 

    A couple of questions:

    1. What quality would you expect to get back from Trint?
    2. What format? wav, mp3, mp4 etc?
    3. There might be challenges with embedded timecodes for some file formats – how much of a deal breaker is this for you?


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    Jeremiah McNichols

    This would be extremely helpful to me, and is in fact critical to an aspect of the service I am trying to provide using Trint. My ideal features, in rank order of preference (#1 would be the most useful feature, while #3 would be better than no feature at all):

    1. One-click export of all highlights as separate, individual audio files

    2. One-click export of all highlights as a single continuous audio file, with one-second audio gaps created between them so they don't all run together

    3. Click to export an individual highlight


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    Jeremiah McNichols

    Thanks for the response! Excited to hear this is a possibility.

    1. Moderate quality is sufficient for my purposes. Not sure how to quantitatively describe this.

    2. File type: Not sure how much this matters to me. mp3 would probably be best, but I could probably make wav files work as well.

    3. Timecodes: I don't need those, personally. If the quality is good enough for podcasters to use the files exported from Trint, I'm not sure why they would need timecodes either.

    Based on developments here, I'd reorder my own priorities to be 1, 3, 2 rather than 1, 2, 3 (prefer individual export over a single file of all highlights, while my favorite option would still be a mass export of all highlights as individual files).

    Thanks for considering this feature. It would be a huge asset and really set Trint apart for me.

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    Alastair Jardine

    Thanks Jeremiah.

    Would you be happy for me to speak to you when we start to investigate this in a bit more detail? If you are, could you drop me an email on product at trint.com?

    Best wishes & many thanks,
    Alastair @ Trint.

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    Jeremiah McNichols


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    Reto Schneider

    one more thing: there should be an option to add to the highlighted snippets one or two seconds in the beginning and the end. Highlighting the written words could lead to too narrow audio cuts for editing further. In order to be on the save side one or two additional seconds would be perfect. 

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    Deena Rosen

    I would love this feature! I need to share the highlighted clips with my client, and the transcriptions have too many errors to share without lots of editing, so sharing the audio would be very helpful. Timecodes are not important to me.

    What would be ideal:

    The ability to export an interactive transcript of only the highlighted clips, and allow insertion of text comments within the document so you can give captions to the highlighted clips.


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    Tamman Maurice

    How is this going? It would be a particularly useful feature. 

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