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    Hi Jojo and Judy,

    Happy to tell you that this now available in Trint. We do indeed have a search and replace function, and this function is able to search for multiple words ie. Can we, and replace this with something different.

    We've also added another feature called Vocab Builder that allows you to create a custom list of words. Adding 'Milka' or 'Akashic' to this list would result in these words being prioritised in your transcription, and appearing much more frequently,  reducing the amount of editing you have to do in the first place.

    Hope this helps,


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    Judy Messer

    In our transcript about the Akashic records (Sanskrit word that is widely used in English-speaking New Age communities), I had to manually replace "acacia records" with "Akashic Records" dozens of times. Is there no search and replace function?

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