read&set start time code of uploaded media automatically




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    Hi everyone,

    And thanks Max, adjusting the start time is currently the only way to really customise your timecodes in the Trint Editor. But I'll send this feedback on to our product development team, and it will help them prioritise how we develop the product in the future. Keep an eye on our Product Development Page so that you can see what we've been working on:


    All the best,



  • While I'm at it. Additional needed features:

    - ability to set default time code setting for 24p 25p ms, etc. 

    - after I enter two digits in the hours/minute/second space the courser should jump to the next space. would save tons of clicks on the tab key 

    - back to folder button to get back into folder after changing the time code. getting back to the main folder and needing to enter the folder i am editing in, scrolling down to the next trint is a process i wouldn't miss

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    Suemay Oram

    Does anyone know if the timecode feature has been achieved. We have transcripts we need timecode with rather just starting it at 00;00 every time.


    If we could just change the first time code at the start of the transcript and for it all to follow that would be amazing.


    Anyone know how Trint is doing with all this?



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    M R

    Suemay Oram: Click on a trint, it opens. Wait 5 sec, it loads the timecode on the lower left corner. Click on in and you can chose your material 24/25fps, etc. then enter your timecode manually. It sucks, but it works. Tipp: Highlighting a word or passages creates an individual timecode, too. Also line breaks do. Good luck!

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