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    Product Team

    We're working towards realising your sharing needs. We've just released updated sharing, which enables everyone to see a single source of the truth. The old email method duplicated, rather than shared a single copy. The old mechanism is sticking around, but we won't be actively developing it.

    You can read about it on the Read only sharing FAQ.

  • SO - NE - CE - SSA - RY. 
    If I send our director 20 emails that Trint number T0XX is ready, he will kill me.
    Just let us share folders already.

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    Matt Yamashita

    AGREE! Current workflow is not efficient. I have to send an email just to let team members know that Trint will send them an email with a link, so they don't lose it in junkmail. So much easier if we can just copy a link to individual transcripts or entire folders and send.  

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    vince lucero

    Seriously.  This is essential to allow sharing of  a FOLDER link.  Also allow sending to multiple email addresses separated by commas.  Right now if I want to send 10 files to 10 people, I need to send 100 emails! 

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    Hello everyone,

    We certainly agree! One of our top priorities is facilitating collaboration and in order to do so, we're going to need to change the way we give access to Trints. I'll send this feedback on to our product development team, and it will help them prioritise how we develop the product in the future. 

    Keep an eye on our Product Development Page so that you can see our latest updates:

    All the best,



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