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    Product Team

    Sorting is coming soon!

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    Jocelyn Mitchell

    Agreed, Naming conventions vary from project to project or even shoot day t shoot day in some cases. Being able to sort alphabetically by name would be phenomenal!

    Right now I need a separate spreadsheet to keep track of which transcriptions are done, which are cut into multiples (due to the 1gig limit), how many files of the cut down are done, where they go and which editor to go to. I don't think i need to log all of this on Trint but if I could sort by name, I could see what work needs to be done at a glance. Determining progress status is its own job right now due to this inconvenience. If any other assistant editor were to see my trint, their head would explode.

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    Thomas Davenport

    I just found out that Trints can't be sorted by name, only after going through the somewhat arduous process of re-naming all my Trints. I must admit I was very surprised that I couldn't just sort them by name like you would in any other file explorer.  I assume this is on your development map. Can you (Trint) please update us as to when this is going to be implemented. 

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    Omid Zoufonoun

    Yeah, this was a big surprise and disappointment.  I have lots of files and they arrive in all the wrong order after an upload.  No way to rearrange them is very clunky.  I hope this feature gets added soon.  


    Please let us sort by Name, Date, file size, etc.  


    I AM liking the accuracy of the transcriptions.  That part is working very well!  

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    Alastair Jardine

    Hi all,

    Yep, it's something we're very aware of! We're looking to overhaul the My Trints page in the next couple of months, so keep an eye out for changes.


    Would any of you be interested in talking to me about how we're looking to do that? We'd be delighted to get your input and feedback.

    Best wishes & thank you

  • One of the most important features; file management.

    # Sort by name, length, date, starting timecode, TAGS/notes, language, etc.
    # create sub-folders within folders
    # share folders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    # allow unregistered access to shared trints!!!!!!!!!!!!! (some authors are not living in the digital time yet!)


    This should have been implemented from the start.

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    Thomas Davenport

    +1 to shared folders!

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    Hi everyone,

    Just to update all of you on our progress on this subject. We've just released the most recent Trints page which we are hoping to use as a foundation for many of the changes you've mentioned above. 

    Keep an eye on our Product Development Page so that you can see how this progresses:

    All the best,


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    Andrew Lamb

    These are 12 month old comments complaint that one can't sort files in alphabetical order.  Um.  You still can't.  Any idea when this might be rectified?  I've gone through and renamed everything to use a chronological order and then find it sorts in seeming a random (maybe last amended?) order.  


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    Jim Duran

    I'd like to see this as well. Thanks!


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    Chris Brooke

    I'm new to Trint.  Liking much of what I see so far but, really, this still can't be done??

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