Change the "start" time of a Trint




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    Dominique Forget

    Exactly what I would need! I extract the interview portions of my video files to process them in print. This «portion» can be in the middle of a long sequence of video. The interview doesn't start at 0:00:00, so I would like to be able to set the time code at the start to make the verbatim compatible to those of the editors.

    (Hope this is clear)

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    Ronald Staley

    Just wanted to put my vote in for a timecode offset option. Seems like a simple feature to integrate (just simple math). 

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    Casey Sattler

    Why doesn't trint use embedded timecode?  I can export out the file with timecode -- Trint should look at that.... otherwise what's the real point of transcription? The whole idea is that you need to be able to find the point in an edit session IN MY EDITOR... there should also be a plug-in (aka Frame IO) for Premiere and FCP so you can upload and access the transcription directly from my editor.

    My workaround is to WINDOW BURN THE  TIMECODE so I can access the timecode visually at least, but I can't cut and paste that... I have to have my browser open while I edit and jump back and forth between Trint and my  editor -- clunky but better than me doing the math for every edit.


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    Jon Earle

    This would be a very useful feature!

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    Alastair Jardine

    It's coming!

    We should have a timecode realignment feature going out early next week. Tell us how you get on.

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    William Rogers

    Did this ever happen? I'd love to get my transcripts to read as Time-of-day Timecode.

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