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    Jeremy Pinnix

    Completely agree with this. Copy/Paste is pretty essential, especially when needing to copy characters from Greek and such.

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    Christine Prefontaine

    +1 totally essential! just now the undo did not work properly and i had to re-type a bunch of text :(

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    Joel Rasmussen

    Need copy/paste NOW. It's 2018.

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    Frieder Butzmann

    This is just another voice to say:  I / We need copy and paste!!!

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    Alastair Jardine

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for taking the time to write. At the moment, there's no planned support for pasting in text. 

    When we create a Trint, we perform some magic to attach timings to each word. If those words are removed, we finesse the timings in the background to maintain this word alignment.

    If you cut out large blocks of text, this timing is going to be less than perfect. If you paste in text, we wouldn't have any record of the timings, so the word and audio/video alignment will be missing. 

    With that all said, here's my question :) What you hope would happen in the scenario where you pasted in text? Would you be happy to lose some of the audio/video with word alignment? Would you be okay re-aligning it yourself? It would be a painful process if it was larger volumes of text (fair forewarning!)

    Best wishes, Alastair @ Trint

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    Joel Rasmussen

    When I'm at the point of copying/pasting I'm already done with Trint's portion of transcription. You could put up a warning sign (once) that let's me know that by copying/pasting I might be breaking alignment, but for me that's fine. Also, I can already strikethrough comments and Trint skips over them, why couldn't pasted content be treated that way, so things on either side retain their connection to the recording, but the recording has an 'untimed' insertion that it just ignores during playback when it hits pasted content?

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    Christine Prefontaine

    @Alastair My use case is a bit different. We're doing light editing within the Trint. Sometimes it feel easier to do a section in notepad -- especially when heavier edits are necessary. That's the piece it would be nice to paste back in. I would be fine with re-aligning the audio/video with the text. Love your product! <3

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    Sarah English

    Here's a scenario to consider:


    Somehow I accidentally deleted about 4 minutes of transcript in Trint. Not realizing I had done this, I closed Trint. When I reopened Trint, I noticed the issue. I then manually transcribed the missing text into Word, then only when I tried to paste in the missing 4 minutes did I find out you can actually paste. Now I have a Trint with a 4 minute whole in it, and no way to fill it. 


    Sad face.

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    Jeffrey McGuire

    My use case is different again: I have clients and/or technologies that are laborious to type and that Trint will probably never get right during machine transcription.

    I "simply" want to highlight a mis-transcribed, hard to type, proper noun and replace it with a paste.

    For example:

    • DrupalCon
    • TYPO3 GmbH
    • DRUD Technology LLC
    • DDEV
    • ... and so on.

    I have Text Expander set up to save me typing these things by hand in my normal workday. When Trint suggests "type oh three gay Béhar", I have a keyboard shortcut (4 keystrokes) that creates "TYPO3 GmbH" on the fly. Not being able to paste this in is a HUGE distraction and time-killer for me.



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    Mark Youssef

    I completely agree with Jeffrey!! In my case, I have the speaker referring to sections of law by verbally citing them. For example, speaker will repeatedly refer to citations such as "Section 2-607(3)(a)." Clearly, I don't expect Trint to transcribe this exact citation in that format. However, when Trint is transcribing it as "to 6 7 3 8" or "who 6 of seven day 3" or "two 7 3 A" or "using those three may." This is NOT saving me time!! If i could just paste the right citation it would make life easier. I'm shocked that this has not been fixed despite the concerns raised for so long.

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    Hi Mark and Jeffrey, 

    We may have a solution in place for you. Please check out our new feature Vocab Builder:

    It allows you to create a custom list of words that you can have applied to your transcript.

    All the best,


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    Karen Murphy

    My issue is similar to the two above, but with medical terminology.

    Find/replace is not super effective when each use of the same term is transcribed differently.

    Vocab builder is not useful when it is a new term that is not yet in the custom list of words.

    Copy/paste would be a very useful feature to save me time!

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    James L

    Hi Karen

    Julis here from the Support Team.

    Could you elaborate a little further how you'd use copy/paste in your workflow? I would love to pass this on to our product team to consider in their further development of the editor.

    Feel free to also send this in to

    Have a great Friday,


    Trint Support Team

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    Bret Kerr

    I would like the copy and paste feature as well. One of the things I transcribe is CEO green screen videos where he is reading of a prompter - so I have the exact text.

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