How do I upload my file?




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    null null

    it is not uploading at all

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    Sally James

    I'm trying to link to a URL, and the message keeps appearing that the "file type" is somehow not supported or allowed? But the URL is not a file type, it is just a link.

    Already submitted service request separately.

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    Karl French

    this is a bad site the transcript make me laugh so much the bad mistakes it makes with very clear audio i dont think you would get it any clearer lol i wouldnt spend a penny on this


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    Matthew Lucas

    I am not being given the option to upload a file. I click on the Upload tab, but no "modal" comes up. It just says I have no files uploaded. I am using Google Chrome.

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    James L

    Hi Mark, Our support team is getting in touch with you shortly. Thanks for reaching out!


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    Jeanine Harriman

    Your "help" files are way too sales-y and not actually very helpful.  You need a FAQ with specific answers to questions people will have.  For example, how long does it actually take to transcribe a file?  If it varies, give examples or ranges.  Weird that this info is not included...?

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    Jacqueline Maguire

    How do I Upload a file? I see neither "My Trints" nor any "Upload" button anywhere on this website. Please help.

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    Pete Antoniewicz

    Loggin in doe NOT take me to the "Trints" page, so the rest of the tutorial is totally useless. 

    Did not see an alternate link to the Trints page. How about putting one in and telling us how to get to it!

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    Hi Pete,

    I've responded to you via support, but in case anyone else is wondering:

    You may see another version of the Trints page upon login, as we're still transitioning people to the new Trints page shown above. But it's still the Trints page and the UPLOAD button functions the same way.

    New Version:

    Old Version:

    All the best,


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