How do I upload my file?




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    null null

    it is not uploading at all

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    Sally James

    I'm trying to link to a URL, and the message keeps appearing that the "file type" is somehow not supported or allowed? But the URL is not a file type, it is just a link.

    Already submitted service request separately.

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    Karl French

    this is a bad site the transcript make me laugh so much the bad mistakes it makes with very clear audio i dont think you would get it any clearer lol i wouldnt spend a penny on this


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    Matthew Lucas

    I am not being given the option to upload a file. I click on the Upload tab, but no "modal" comes up. It just says I have no files uploaded. I am using Google Chrome.

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    Julis Koch

    Hi Mark, Our support team is getting in touch with you shortly. Thanks for reaching out!


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    Jeanine Harriman

    Your "help" files are way too sales-y and not actually very helpful.  You need a FAQ with specific answers to questions people will have.  For example, how long does it actually take to transcribe a file?  If it varies, give examples or ranges.  Weird that this info is not included...?

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    Jacqueline Maguire

    How do I Upload a file? I see neither "My Trints" nor any "Upload" button anywhere on this website. Please help.

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