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    Elizabeth Egan

    Hi Trint team, I love the speed and affordability of your service, but I'm sorry to say the transcript I just got back is so off in terms of accuracy. I can barely make sense of it, and I was so counting on this transcript since the interview ran almost an hour and a half. I'm going to have to go back through the recording line for line and do a lot of fixing. Anything you can recommend for the future? I have more interviews coming up within the next week or two. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thx!

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    Dianna Kenny

    I'm with Elizabeth. The transcript I received was incomprehensible. It was a good quality recording, so please don't try to tell me that was the problem. Cheap is no good unless you get a usable transcript. My transcript was not usable in any way. Very disappointing!

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    will hanrahan

    I have to chime in here. I have just had to resubmit for a second transcript to be attempted because the one I just got was wrong 95% of the time. Quality recording. I accept the interviewee's Texas accent was tricky, but this is just a terrible transcript. 

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    Hi there! for two days now have been trying more than a hundred times to upload a file to get transcribed but it's just not going there at all! Can you tell me what I can do to get your service? Still want me to stay with you or not??!!

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    Elizabeth Egan
    Hi, I'm back with a few follow-up thoughts. After a bit of back and forth with Trint customer service rep Julia (who was very considerate and extremely helpful), I now have a better understanding of what went wrong with my recording.
    Considering all the things that can compromise the quality of the transcription, I also suggested Trint provide clear guidelines on precisely how to achieve a high-quality transcription. I suggested these instructions should include:
    - what types of microphones to use
    - what's the ideal distance between the speaker and the microphone
    - how to avoid background noise (short of stepping into a sound booth)
    I also suggested Trint solicit suggestions from users on the best apps for recording conversations on a smartphone, the best microphones to use with smartphones, etc. For instance, I just bought a professional-quality Venoro Home Studio Condenser Microphone and tested it at home with great results. It works with PCs and smartphones and even comes with a tripod, and it's only $15 on Amazon. 
    While Trint couldn't endorse third-party products, users like you and I certainly could. I think it would be a useful extension of their marketing and might also go a long way toward building a community around Trint. What do you think?
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    Meredith Moore

    Hi, All - 

    I've had a similar experience with my transcripts and it hasn't been a bad audio recording. And while some people had Texas accents, I don't - I've even done voice overs for corporate videos - and they got the transcription so, so wrong.  Bizarrely wrong.  Makes texting spellcheck seem like Swiss precision.  Do they even have a mechanism to check if what they're transcribing adds up to a logical sentence? The resulting transcripts are a hot mess. 

    I've reached out to them a couple of times and gotten no joy.  Last year, I gave them a try and got garbage and they didn't respond to my complaint.  Figuring they were a beta and would improve, I gave them another try with some transcripts again, and got garbage again.  So shame on me.  (But I'm desperate.)

    That's money wasted. 




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    Tom Henry

    Terrible, terrible, terrible transcription. Completely unusable. The interviewee has a regional accent, but so do 90% of British people. If Trint can't accurately transcribe any UK citizen other than The Queen then it really shouldn't be in business. A waste of time and money. DON'T USE!!!!

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    Katherine Webb

    Terrible transcription. Completely unusable. This experience has proven Trint can't accurately transcribe any UK citizen  A waste of time and money. I would ask for a refund but I know I won't get one. So disappointed and $30 wasted. I will make sure to tell others to NOT use this service.

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    Elana Kovac

    I have been overall very satisfied with the transcription service.
    My audio has been clean and my transcriptions are succinct, more often than not but I am now incurring issues with downloads; my transcriptions are exporting incomplete!
    I am missing an entire 2 minutes worth of a 3 minute video. 
    This has occurred the last two times I've used the program.
    I've edited the Trint file online, exported it like I've done with all other files and now the files are exporting uncompleted.
    It's not my doing. I need immediate help 

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    Allyson Hamlin

    I tried to export a transcript after not being able to correct the transcription and it has been an incomplete export. Large parts of the written material has been lost. Now what?


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    Lynn Hull

    Paid for an hour of transcription to transcribe an hour long interview.  I didn't expect 100% accuracy, but hoped for 80-90% accuracy.  What I got was maybe 1% accuracy.  The transcription has been absolutely terrible, even though it was a clear recording with no background noise.  And for the record, NO, I do not have a heavy accent and speak quite clearly.  The transcription still got it wrong.  I'm glad I only paid for the one hour, but I still feel ripped off.  Absolutely terrible and I won't ever use your service again.

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    Jay K

    Absolute garbage. There's in no way, shape, or form that one can discern a comprehensible conversation from my transcription. Google can transcribe every word I speak into my smartphone with 99.9% accuracy. Why can't Trint? I wish would've read the reviews first before coughing up my hard-earned money for this. I'm dropping one-star reviews everywhere I can for Trint.

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    Oliver Wannell

    I too have a completely unusable transcript. The sound quality of the recording is fine and although the interviewee has a slight regional accent, he is clear enough to understand easily. I don't have a regional accent at all and even the questions I asked were not transcribed properly! V irritating. 

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    CHA Staff Tools

    I have gotten several hours of excellent transcripts (high quality audio, English with a slight Nigerian accent) but the last one I just uploaded (1 min, moderate quality audio, no accent) came out completely unusable. I have reached out to customer service and am hopeful for a resolution.

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    suzi godson

    I have used Trint for ages and the quality used to be good. So was the customer service. I uploaded a file yesterday and it was incomprehensible. I tried two short tests today and even with one sentence  spoken directly into a microphone it was completely wrong. I have emailed Trint five times and had automated relies but no one has actually done anything to help. It is depressing but I think this is the end of my relationship with Trint.

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    Hi Suzi,

    Sorry for the confusion. While these weren't automated replies (except the first one) you did receive a message that was intended for internal purposes only...we were merging the e-mail you sent us with your files and our previous correspondence with you....in the process we accidentally sent you the same e-mail you had sent us. 

    If you find that nothing has been resolved or that support is taking too long to respond, please feel free to contact me directly at connor@trint.com. Same goes for everyone else on this forum, I'm happy to help!

    All the best,


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