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    lucy ash

    I cant access my trint  - it is light grey and wont let me click on it but I have just added two more hours credit? 

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    Hi Iain,

    Sorry for the late reply. This would require Trint to 'learn' from the content of your transcriptions and here at Trint we value your for privacy too much for that.

    We do however have automatic Speaker Separation available for all users. This is turned on by default for all transcriptions and enables Trint to separate different speaker's voices. Afterwards it's an easy process to go down the list identifying the various speakers.

    All the best,


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    Iain Beveridge

    Hello - just uploaded my first file - not had the result yet but have a question:

    It asked for the name of the speaker - but this is a two way conversation by phone. Is there a way of specifying both speakers (and differentiating you end by voice / syntax) ?

    Juts trying to save post-transcription editing time. Thanks. Iain. 


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    Hi Lucy,

    Sorry to hear you haven't been able to get to your transcript! I think this may be the result of some browser-related issues, so I would recommend checking out our article about browser settings and trying our suggestions for getting your browser Trint-ready! 

    Let us at the Support Team know if that doesn't solve the issue, and we'll be on the case!



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