What is Trint and how does it work?




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    Kathy Miller

    oh my god, just show me with a button or something how to start! I have no idea how to do this thing and I shouldn't have to read two articles to still not know!

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    Holly Moore

    Is there a way to help teach Trint how to recognize words more accurately?  It's transcribed a focus group on beer and it rarely gets that really important word right -- often misheard as "here" and "fear" -- even though it sounds pretty clear (to me) in the transcript.  Is there a way I can make it revisit the transcript.  

    I'm a little worried this is not going to really be a viable solution for me if I have to spend so much time revisiting the transcript.  



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    Danielle Tessaro

    I'm with kathy. how does this work? what do i do? been on the site like 10 minutes already 

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    Cupcake Cupcake

    How will I know when my audio has been transcribed? Please help! TIA. 

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