What is Trint and how does it work?




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    Kathy Miller

    oh my god, just show me with a button or something how to start! I have no idea how to do this thing and I shouldn't have to read two articles to still not know!

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    Holly Moore

    Is there a way to help teach Trint how to recognize words more accurately?  It's transcribed a focus group on beer and it rarely gets that really important word right -- often misheard as "here" and "fear" -- even though it sounds pretty clear (to me) in the transcript.  Is there a way I can make it revisit the transcript.  

    I'm a little worried this is not going to really be a viable solution for me if I have to spend so much time revisiting the transcript.  



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    Danielle Tessaro

    I'm with kathy. how does this work? what do i do? been on the site like 10 minutes already 

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    Cupcake Cupcake

    How will I know when my audio has been transcribed? Please help! TIA. 

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    Jeremy Courage

    I would like to say that this is amazing, may the previous commenters consider that this is technology that has never existed before.

    Though he may not be at the top of the public's list as a comedian anymore, this reminds me of a spot that Louis CK did on Conan O'Brien called Louis CK Everything Is Amazing, and Nobody Is Happy.


    Thank you Trint.  I am amazed as I patiently await my own experience of saved time, and powerful machine learning derived wizardry as I have just uploaded my first file!

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    test test



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