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Release Update - May 2023
Release Update - May 2023
Written by Claudia Cadete
Updated over a week ago

Release Update - May 5, 2023

Improved 👩‍🔬

More flexibility to use Trint while uploading

Trint users can now select multiple audio or video files to upload and then continue to use the Trint app freely while the upload takes place, including opening transcripts, Story files and managing Workspaces. The Trint web app must be left open until each upload has finished, but can be closed once the transcription has started.

New options for exporting .docx

When exporting a transcript in .docx format, Trint users can now choose to exclude timecodes or speakers or both from the text.

Release Update - May 19, 2023

New ✨

Trint mobile app gets a redesign on Android

Taking on feedback we’ve received from Trint users, our team have redesigned the Trint mobile app to help improve navigation and make uploading or capturing content simple. Currently available on Android with an iOS release coming soon.

Bugs 🐞

  • Our team has worked hard to reduce the number of network requests trying to load user data in our web app. This now means users will experience faster load speeds when using Trint’s web app.

  • Fixed an issue where Mobile Live users on iOS devices might have fractions of a second of audio trimmed off their live recording.

Release Update - May 26, 2023

New ✨

Multi-language Trints move into testing

Selected Trint clients have been given early access to our new multi-language Realtime transcription feature. This will help us learn how it benefits their workflows and brings us a step closer to a full roll-out for Trint Enterprise users.

Bugs 🐞

  • Trint’s mobile app on Android has a new release (version 553) that fixes two reported issues around HRD SSO logins and locating local recordings for upload.

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