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Release Update - March 2023
Release Update - March 2023
Written by Claudia Cadete
Updated over a week ago

Release Update - March 3, 2023

Bugs 🐞

  • Bug fix where a Realtime Trint was not working correctly in some players and word tracking might be off.

Release Update - March 10, 2023

New ✨

Waveform added to Mobile Live recordings (beta)

Any Trint users testing our upcoming feature, Mobile Live, will now be able to see waveforms appear when audio is captured. Helping improve the live transcription experience and let you know the app is recording.

Improved 👩‍🔬

@mentions and recent files for Story Builder

Two features have been added to our Story Builder:

  • Trint users can now click the ‘@mentions’ button in the Story Builder toolbar to easily tag colleagues in their stories.

  • A ‘see more’ button has been added to the Story Builder side panel, making it easier to find recent transcripts and grab the quotes you need.

Connection error screen for Mobile Live (beta)

An error screen will now appear if someone tries to start a Mobile Live transcription without an internet connection or if there is a request timeout.

Transcription recovery for Mobile Live (beta)

In the unlikely event of an error during a live transcription, Trint mobile users will get files automatically recovered in all transcription languages supported by Trint.

Release Update - March 17, 2023

Improved 👩‍🔬

Reduced wait times for transcription

We’ve improved the speed that Trint’s AI can transcribe multiple files in a queue, helping to reduce wait times and create a better experience for Trint users.

Bugs 🐞

  • Resolved an issue where the Trint mobile app may freeze if left open and running in the background on some iOS devices.

Release Update - March 24, 2023

New ✨

Realtime removed from Trint mobile app

In preparation for the launch of Mobile Live, Trint users will no longer be able to start a Trint Realtime from the mobile app home screen. If you have any concerns relating to this, please speak with your Customer Success manager.

Release Update - March 31, 2023

Improved 👩‍🔬

Copy function in mobile app editor

Trint users can now copy transcript text from the Trint mobile app editor - with speaker names, timecodes and duration added to the clipboard along with the text.

Highlights view added to Story Builder

When searching for a transcript in Trint’s Story Builder, you can now view either the full transcript text or just the highlights - making it easier to quickly find and repurpose the quotes that matter.

Bugs 🐞

  • Resolved an issue where Teams couldn’t be removed from Trint enterprise plans.

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