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New Trint Mobile App - FAQ
New Trint Mobile App - FAQ
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With the new Trint mobile app being released for both iOS and Android, we put together a quick FAQ for you.

In this document you will find:

How do I download the new app?

The new mobile app is available on both the Apple Store and Google Playstore.

You can follow the direct links here:

Will the new app replace the old one?

It will not. Until you delete the old app, you will have two versions on your mobile device.

What will happen with my old app?

You can continue to use the old Trint app on your mobile device, but we will not be offering any further support on it. Searching for Trint on either store will send you to the new app only, as the old app will be unlisted.

How do I transfer my files to the new app?

If you have previously uploaded your files to Trint, those will continue to be available when you log in. If you have files on your mobile device you have yet to upload, simply find the folder they exist in now and upload them to your account to be transcribed when you’re ready.

What can I expect from the new app?

  • Record audio directly in the app, or upload existing files on your phone: all audio transcribed in 30+ languages

  • Listen to audio alongside transcript to check for accuracy

  • View transcripts, personal and shared, for both audio and video

  • Seamless syncing between mobile and web

  • Work with the vocab builder directly from your mobile app

  • Share transcripts with colleagues within the mobile app

  • Folder and file management on local device and Trint folders

We are also working on some great new features shortly after the release - including support for external recording devices and support for Live Transcription™.

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