Have you ever felt like you needed to put a few sections of your transcript together in one place, to be easily found at the click of a button? Now you can. Our new Tag feature will let you do exactly that.

What will tags enable me to do?

Tags will open up fresh possibilities which you either wished for or didn’t even know you needed. Here are some of the things you will be able to do:

  • Tag your quotes and moments that matter - this will allow you to find them again quicker and easier.

  • Other collaborators in your team will also be able to easily find these key moments.

  • When you are crafting your narrative, tags will allow you to easily find the themes from multiple trints.

  • Teams working with multiple audio and video transcripts will be able to find the quotes others have used and re-use them for their own narrative.

How do I create a tag?

In order to create a tag in your transcript, select the portion of text you would like to tag - a pop-up menu will appear above the selection. You can click Add Tags on it:

Once you’ve clicked the button, you will see an Add Tags to Clip window pop up where you can create your tag.

Type in the name of the tag in the input line and click Save:

Will the video clip in the Add Tags to Clip correspond to the selected text?

Yes! Also, when you open this tag again you will be able to play this clip through as many times as you want.

Where can I access the previous tags?

You can find all the saved tags on the right hand side of the transcript:

Can I add more than one tag to the same clip/section of text?

Yes! Click on the tag on the right hand side of the screen and type in the text of another tag that you want to add to the clip. It will appear next to the first tag.

Can I delete a tag?

Yes! Click on the tag you want to delete on the right side of the screen and hover over it - a bin icon will appear. Click this icon to delete the tag.

What plans are tags available on?

Tags are available on all Trint plans.


If you have any questions, feedback or new ways to use the Tag feature, please let us know at support@trint.com!

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