Google Meet

For Google Meet your administration needs to enable recordings and you need to have one of the following types of account with Google Workspace:

  • Essentials

  • Business Standard

  • Business Plus

  • Enterprise Essentials

  • Enterprise Standard

  • Enterprise Plus

  • Education Fundamentals (available to users with a ‘staff’ licence)

  • Education Plus (available to users with a ‘staff’ licence)

  • Teaching and Learning Upgrade (available to users with a ‘Teaching and Learning Upgrade’ licence)

How do I start recording in Google Meet?

  1. Create an event.

  2. Either invite other participants or send them the phone number and PIN from the Join by phone section of the invitation.

  3. Once everyone has joined, record the call by pressing ‘Start’ in the Activities > Recording menu inside the call.

  4. Once finished, the recording will be saved to the host’s Google Drive in a folder called ‘Meet Recordings’.

  5. Upload that file to Trint as normal.

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