What is the Caption Editor?

Trint’s Caption Editor allows you to easily create accurate captions and export them to .srt.

How do I create a Caption file?

When you are in your transcript, you will see the button in the top toolbar entitled Create Caption.

Clicking this button will create a Caption file, with the same name as your Trint.

The new Caption file will appear in your My Trints and Stories list. This will be a brand new file and you will be able to identify it in the list by this symbol:

How do I edit my captions?

You can edit the text and choose which text appears on the screen at one time. Just tap shift and enter to put text on a new line in the subtitle. Or tap enter if you'd like that text to appear on its own.

When you have clicked on a section of text, the relevant blue block will highlight in the bar at the bottom.

Choose how long your captions are on-screen by expanding or reducing the blue blocks - just by dragging them!

To make it easier to edit long Caption files, you can zoom in on the blue blocks and waveform.

What is CPS?

CPS stands for characters per second. You will see the CPS in a box after the timecodes of each section.

You need your audience to have enough time to read your captions before they disappear, therefore we recommend the CPS to be no more than 20 per caption.

Why is my CPS box red?

If the box is red, as seen below, it means that your caption might not be readable for the viewer. You can try to shorten your caption or create a new one to split the text between two captions.

Can I share my Caption file with other Trint users?

You can share your Caption file with edit access by clicking on the yellow Share button and then Share with Collaborators.

Enterprise and Pro Team users can also move a Caption file into a shared Workspace.

How do I export my Caption file?

You can export your Caption file to .srt by clicking on the yellow Export (.srt) button in the top right corner, just next to the Share button.

Helpful tips

  • You can undo and redo an action using the buttons under the video on the right.

  • If you’d like to translate your captions, translate the transcript first and then turn it into a Caption file.

  • At the moment, you can’t turn a Story into a Caption file.

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