Workspaces are a Pro Team and Enterprise feature that allow you to collaborate more easily with your team members. For sharing and collaboration options on other plans, see the sharing and collaboration support article.

Workspaces allow you to create mini groups inside your team with the people you collaborate with regularly.

In a shared Workspace, you can upload your file to be transcribed directly to the Workspace, so all members of the Workspace will have automatic access to the Trint.

How do I create a Workspace?

You can create a Workspace by clicking on Workspaces on the left-hand sidebar.

If this is your team’s first Workspace, you’ll see this message:

Once you click on Create a Workspace (you’ll find this button on the left if you already have Workspaces), you will see this form prompting you to fill in the name of your Workspace and a description, if you like.

How do I add users to my Workspace?

You can add users to a Workspace in two ways.

  1. By clicking on the three dots at the top right-hand corner of the Workspace rectangle

2. By clicking into your Workspace and selecting Manage Users from the ribbon toolbar at the top

Selecting either one of those options will open a side menu with the option to add members:

Please note that the Workspace members must be members of your Trint team.

Here you can also remove members from the Workspace:

How do I transcribe a file straight into a Workspace?

The same way as outside of a Workspace, you just need to select the Workspace before you click Transcribe on the language selection page.

For detailed instructions on how to upload a file and create a transcript, see here.

Please note that all files transcribed into a Workspace cannot be moved out of the Workspace.

How do I move a file into a Workspace?

  1. Go to the My Trints and Stories list

  2. Check the box on the left of the file’s name

  3. Click Move on the ribbon toolbar above

  4. Select the Workspaces tab next to Your Trints

  5. Select your Workspace and click Move

Please note that once a file is moved into a Workspace, it can not be moved out. This is permanent and irreversible.

How do I delete a Workspace?

You can not delete a Workspace, but you can archive it.

  1. Click into the Workspace

  2. Click on Manage in the ribbon toolbar at the top

  3. Click on Archive.

The admin of your team can restore an archived Workspace at any time by going into their Admin Dashboard, selecting the Workspaces tab and clicking the Restore option beside the selected archived Workspace.

Workspace access levels

You can give different members of your workspace different levels of access (or ‘roles’).

We have six default roles that come with every team. All Enterprise admins can create custom roles on top of these ones.

  1. Read Only

  2. Admin

  3. Transcript commenter

  4. Collaborator

  5. Workspace Collaborator

  6. Manager

By default, the Workspace creator is the Manager, but you can assign other Managers too. The new Manager(s) can change your role, or even remove you from the Workspace entirely.

Here’s a list of all permissions that come with these default roles:

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