What are Workspaces?

Workspaces, or Shared Workspaces, are a Pro-Team and Enterprise feature, where you can collaborate with your team members easier.

Workspaces allows you to create mini-groups within your team, with the people you collaborate with regularly (i.e.: people in the same department, people working on the same series of articles, etc.).

Usually on Trint, everything you upload is for your eyes only, unless you then share the Trint with another team member/collaborator.

However, in a Shared Workspace, you can upload your Trint directly to the Workspace, so all members of the Workspace will have automatic access to this Trint, once it has been transcribed. Based on your role in the Workspace, your level of access will vary (more on this later!)

This is particularly useful if you find yourself collaborating with the same group of people over and over again on Trint.

How do I create a Workspace?

You can create a Workspace by clicking on Create a new Workspace on the left hand side bar of your Your Trints page (https://app.trint.com/).

You can name your Workspace and add a description (optional), and then start adding members to your Workspace.

How do I add members to my Workspace?

You can add members to your Workspace by clicking on the Manage button in the toolbar, and then on Add Members in the panel that comes up on the right.

Please note that the members will have to be part of your team in order to be added to your Workspace.

You can also remove your team members from here as well, along with changing their access level (by clicking the dropdown beside their name).

How do I transcribe a file in a Workspace?

Same as you would outside of a Workspace! 

Just click on the Upload button, upload your file, select Transcribe and you're good to go.

You can also upload it as normal (from your regular Trints page, and then select the Workspace once it's been uploaded from the dropdown).

Please note that all files transcribed in a Workspace cannot be moved out of the Workspace.

How do I move a file into a Workspace?

You can move a file from your Trints page to a Workspace by checking the box to the left of the Trint's name, selecting Move from the toolbar above, and then selecting the Workspaces tab. 

From there, you can find the Workspace you want to move it to, and click on Move.

Please note that once a file has been moved into a Workspace, it cannot be moved out. This action is permanent and non-reversible.

How do I delete a Workspace?

You cannot delete a Workspace, but you can Archive it by clicking on Manage and then Archive.

The admin of your team can restore an archived Workspace at any time by going to their Admin Dashboard, selecting the Workspaces tab and then the Restore option, beside the archived Workspace.


You can change the level of access (or "role") you want to give the members of your Workspace.

We have 6 default roles that come with every team. All Enterprise admins can create custom roles on top of these 6 default ones.

  1. Read Only

  2. Admin

  3. Transcript commenter

  4. Collaborator

  5. Workspace Collaborator

  6. Manager

By default, the Workspace creator is the Manager, but you can make other people the Manager too. The new Manager(s) can change your role, and can even remove you from the Workspace entirely.

Here's a list of all the permissions that come with each of these default roles:

If you have any questions regarding our Workspaces feature, you can get in touch with the Support team at any time. We're available via chat during office hours and via email at support@trint.com. 

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