What is Vocab Builder?

Vocab Builder is a custom list of up to 100 words that greatly improves the accuracy of your Trints.

Who has access to Vocab Builder?

Everyone! Vocab Builder is available to all Trint users.

What Vocab Builder can do

With Vocab Builder you can expand Trint's dictionary to include any terms you want, making your transcripts more accurate than ever before and saving you time correcting.

There are two areas where this might be particularly useful to you:

Proper Nouns

Does Trint keep getting your name wrong?
Here’s your chance to fix that, along with everyone else’s.

Do you have to manually insert the name of your company whenever it appears on Trint? Add the name to Vocab Builder and Trint will recognize it.

Industry-specific Language

Having trouble getting Trint to recognize your specific technical jargon?
Vocab Builder can help.

Vocab Builder gives you 100 entries for custom words - just make sure to add words that Trint is unable to transcribe normally. If Trint already recognizes the word correctly, there’s no need to add it to Vocab Builder.

What Vocab Builder can’t do

Avoid special characters and acronyms. For example:

& ! @ NATO

How do I add words to Vocab Builder?

First you need to get on over to the Vocab Builder page: You should see this on the left navigation bar under Your Space

From this page, you'll be able to add to your Vocab List and save it. Every line of this text box counts as an entry in Vocab Builder. You can see how many entries you’ve got by looking at the number at the top right of the text box. When you’re done writing or editing your list, click “Save Vocab List.”

How do I apply Vocab Builder to my Trints?

The list of words you create in Vocab Builder is not automatically applied to every Trint you upload.

If you want to use Vocab Builder, check the “Vocab Builder” box on the “Language Selection” portion of the upload window. Make sure you do this every time you want to use Vocab Builder.


Words in Vocab Builder can’t be applied to Trints that have already been transcribed.

Can I add words straight from my Trint?

Yes you can - just go to your Trint, select the word you'd like to add, and click on 'Add to Vocab' at the top of the page.

Is Vocab Builder available in my language?

Yes! Vocab Builder is available for all languages and accents supported by Trint.

Is Vocab Builder available on the Mobile App and the Adobe Premiere plugin?


Can I share Vocab Builder entries?

Each user has their own Vocab Builder which is specific to their account. You can share your Trints, but you can’t share the entries in your Vocab Builder.

Can I have two words in one entry?

Yes. Vocab Builder offers you 100 entries, but each entry can contain multiple words, which is especially helpful for names. If you want to add “Quercus Robur” to Vocab Builder, simply type it all on the same line and it will count as one entry and be recognised by our bots as a single term.

Can Trint see your Vocab Builder words?

No. In order to preserve the privacy of our customers, Trint is unable to access the contents of any Vocab Builder.

Need help?

See if your issue is mentioned below:

Unable to check the Vocab Builder box in the upload window?

This happens when you don’t have a list created on Vocab Builder. You’ll just have to create a list and then re-upload the file for Vocab Builder to apply.

Custom words not transcribing accurately?

Usually this is a case of poor audio quality. We’ve found that several different factors can lead to poor transcription results: background noise, music, street sounds, hiss, echo, distant microphones, recorded phone/video chats or overtalk. We try to warn of these factors when you’re uploading a file (which is why we ask those initial questions about audio quality), and if one or more of these issues is present in the uploaded audio this may have an impact on Vocab Builder’s accuracy rate.

If none of these solutions resolves your issue, we’d be happy to discuss it with you further via support@trint.com.

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