When creating content in Trint, the AI might not recognise some of the words in the original recording, such as names, industry-specific words, and proper nouns.

The Vocab Builder allows you to create a custom list of up to 100 words which will greatly improve the accuracy of your transcripts.

How do I add words to Vocab Builder?

You can easily add words to your Vocab Builder as you edit your transcript.

  1. Select the word you'd like to add

  2. Click on Add to Vocab in the top ribbon toolbar

Please note that these words will appear in all files transcribed after they were added. Existing transcripts will not be changed automatically, you will need to re-transcribe them.

Can I see the words I have in Vocab Builder and remove words?

Yes, just go to the Vocab Builder page: You should see this on the left navigation bar under Your Space:

On this page you'll be able to see your vocab list, add to it or remove words. Every line of this text box counts as an entry in Vocab Builder. You can see how many entries you’ve got by looking at the number at the top right of the text box. When you’re done editing your list, click Save Vocab List.

My transcript hasn’t used my words in Vocab Builder

Try uploading the file again and making sure Vocab Builder is checked on this page before you click transcribe.

Is Vocab Builder available in my language?

Yes! Vocab Builder is available for all languages supported by Trint.

Is Vocab Builder available on the mobile app and the Adobe Premiere plugin?


Can I share Vocab Builder entries?

Currently, this is not possible. Each user has their own Vocab Builder which is specific to their account.

Can I have two words in one entry?

Yes. Vocab Builder offers you 100 entries, but each entry can contain multiple words, which is especially helpful for names. If you want to add “Quercus Robur” to Vocab Builder, simply type it all on the same line and it will count as one entry and be recognised by our bots as a single term.

I am unable to check the Vocab Builder box in the upload window

This happens when you don’t have a list created on Vocab Builder. You’ll just have to create a list and then re-upload the file for Vocab Builder to apply.

My words in Vocab Builder are not transcribing accurately

Usually, this is a case of poor audio quality. We’ve found that several different factors can lead to poor transcription results, see our tips on increasing accuracy.

What Vocab Builder can’t do

Avoid special characters and acronyms. For example:

& ! @ NATO

Vocab Builder works for full words only. For example, you could add mangé but not é on its own.

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