If you're having trouble uploading your file, please take the following troubleshooting steps before contacting support.

Where do I upload?

1. Make sure that you're uploading to the proper screen

Is your file corrupt?

2. Verify that your file plays audio/video on your device and that it's functioning as expected

What format are you uploading?

3. Confirm that your file type is supported by Trint

How long is your file?

4. Verify that your file is under 3 hrs in length (or under 3 GB in size)

Does it work if you convert it?

5. Try converting the file into a different format supported by Trint and uploading it again. Trint may be reading your file as corrupt in its current format.

Does it work on another browser?

6. Is it a browser problem?

Is your network blocking it?

8. What about your network? If you can't see the upload pop-up, or if you receive an error message about connectivity, the issue may have to do with your WiFi network. Some workplaces and educational networks have firewalls or other blocks in place that may be interfering with our file sharing software 'File Stack'. In that case, please contact your network admin and ask them to unblock us. Alternatively, you might just have a poor connection.

None of these apply?

9. If none of these solutions works for you, please email us at support@trint.com.

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