Starter, Advanced and Pro Team subscriptions must be paid for via credit or debit card. We offer invoicing for Enterprise plans.

Payments are processed by our third-party payment provider Stripe. We cannot accept UnionPay cards at the moment.

You will receive an invoice and receipt after each payment has succeeded. The receipt will be sent directly to the inbox of the email you signed up with. These emails may have been sorted into your spam/junk folder, so do check there.

You can find your invoices by clicking on the initial icon in the top corner and selecting Invoices.

Can I change the email address my receipt is sent to?

Of course! Just drop us an email at and we can either change who your future receipts are sent to or send them to additional email addresses.

Can I add a billing address to my invoices?

By default, we don't include your billing address on invoices.

If you'd like more information to appear on your invoices, select the symbol in the top corner of your account and click on Profile. You can add an address into the City field.

This will appear on all future invoices. If you would like us to generate a past invoice with updated details, contact us at

Can I add a tax ID to my invoices?

This is possible by following the steps above and filling in the Tax ID field.

This will appear on all future invoices. We are unable to add it to past invoices.

Please note, we can only add business, and not individual, tax IDs to invoices.

Custom Information: W9

Trint is based in the U.K., and as a non-U.S. corporation, we do not have a W9.

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