Trint’s comment feature allows you to leave notes for yourself or others right there in the transcript. Commenting is available on Trints but not Stories or Caption files.

1. Select the portion of the text you’d like to add a comment to and a Comment button will appear just above the selected text

You can also use the button in the ribbon toolbar at the top.

2. A box will appear on the right of the file where you can enter your comment

3. Click on Post and the comment will appear on the right-hand side.

Mentioning collaborators

Within the comment box, you can mention a collaborator. Just type @ and start writing their name or email address. Click on the correct email address that appears. You can add multiple team members to the same comment.

This list will encompass team members if you are on a Pro Team or Enterprise plan and anyone you have shared the file with via Share with collaborators. When you mention someone, they will receive a notification by email and in-app.

If you are replying to someone’s comment, make sure you @ that team member so that they’ll receive a notification.

Where can I see my old comments?

If you need to see your comment history, it is located on the right.

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