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Commenting and mentioning collaborators
How to add comments and tag colleagues in your Trint files
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Trint’s comment feature allows you to leave notes for yourself or tag collaborators in key moments within a transcript (feature not available for caption or Story files). This guide will show you how to add comments

This support guide will cover:

Adding comments

Select a portion of text within your transcript and a “Comment” button will appear just above. You can also select text and press the “Comment” button in the navigation bar above your transcript.

Add to story

A box will appear on the right of the transcript where you can enter and post your comment.

Comment box

Mentioning collaborators

Use the “@” symbol within the comment box and start writing the name of your colleague if they have a Trint account. You can repeat this to add multiple team members to the same comment.

You can also enter an email address of people who don’t have Trint accounts. They will receive a notification by email and directed to view your transcript (if they haven’t already been made a collaborator).

If you are replying to someone’s comment, make sure you “@” that team member so that they’ll receive a notification.

Comment history

Trint will show the latest comment made in the transcript. If you want to see all the previous comments within a thread, click the link above the latest comment.

Comment history

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