Trint now allows you to add comments to your Trints!

How do I add a Comment?

To add a comment to your Trint, just select the portion of text that you want to add your comment to, and click on Comment from the ribbon above. You can also use the keyboard shortcut (see below), or click on the little speech bubble that appears to the right of the selected text:

After you type in your comment, click on Post and it should appear on the right hand side of your Trint Editor.

You can delete your comment at any time by clicking on it and then selecting Delete.

Where can I see old Comments?

Your Comments live just to the right of the Editor in 'History'. You'll see them all listed here.

Keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + Alt + K to add a Comment
Shift + Enter to save Comment in comments box

Command + Alt + K to add a Comment
Command + Enter to save Comment in Comments box

Can other people see my Comments?

When you share your Trint with other collaborators, they will be able to see and reply to your comments (depending on the access you give them).

If you share your Trint via Send a copy, the recipient will not be able to see your comments.

Can I export my Comments?

You can export your comments as a CSV file. Just click on Export, then on the CSV option, and select Just comments.

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