If you notice that the timecodes are wrong when you export your Trint, then the original Trint file has probably become corrupted. Trint may be reading a single word or a handful of words as having a much longer duration than they actually do.

More often than not, this doesn't appear to change the timecode in the Trint itself, but once you export it into a .doc or .srt file, you will notice an issue.

To avoid any further trouble with the file, you can always re-upload and re-transcribe.

But, if you've already edited the file, or otherwise want to keep the existing version, there is a quick fix solution:

1. Find the time in your export where the timecode becomes corrupted

2. Find the corresponding time in your original Trint

3. Rewrite the surrounding paragraph/sentences in your original Trint

This usually resets the whole timecode, so that all future exports show the correct timing.

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