You can search both file titles and the content across all of your Trints using the search bar that appears at the top righthand corner of the My Trints and Stories, Recent Trints and Shared With Me pages:

If you search words or phrases using the search bar on any of these pages, it will bring up results from the following locations (not just the page you’re on):

  • My Trints and Stories

  • Recent Trints

  • Shared with Me

  • Workspaces you are part of

  • Realtime Trints

Please note that the search contains some fuzzy logic, so it will match some words that are a letter or two different from the original, but the results are still sorted from best matches to worst.

Using the search bar will bring up a list of Trints that contain those words. Once you have clicked into the Trint, you’ll need to use Find & Replace which is located in your top ribbon toolbar.

To find words, all you need to do is type in what you’re looking for and all the instances of this word will be highlighted. Just leave the Replace box empty if you just want to find a word or phrase. You can use the arrow keys to go through all the instances.

To replace words, type the new word into the Replace field. Before you click on ‘Done’, you have the option to select whether you want to replace just one instance or all of them. Once you’re ready to make the changes, click on ‘Done’ and Trint will automatically do the work for you.

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