We have now made it much easier to find moments that matter inside Trint by introducing the new global search function!

If you search words or phrases using global search, it will bring up results from the following locations (not just the page you’re on):

  • My Trints and Stories

  • Recent Trints

  • Shared with Me

  • Workspaces you are part of

  • Realtime Trints

How do I access Global Search?

You can access global search through the search bar on the top right, or by CMD + / (CTRL on Windows) from anywhere inside Trint.

New search operators

We now have handy new ways of improving your search results.

  • If you would like to remove a word from the search results, you can use the '-' sign, for example 'Hello -Boris'.

  • If you would like to find all words containing a part of a word or certain letters, you can use '*', for example 'synth* would match 'synth', 'synthesise', 'synthesis', etc.

  • If you want to see all results including either one of two or more words, for example 'John Andrew', you can use '|' operator. This way, if you search for 'John | Andrew', you will see all instances of 'John' and 'Andrew'.

  • Brackets ( ) can be used for specifying order in the search. This is useful if you have a complicated search term (Sunny -day) | (Rainy -night) for any documents which have 'Sunny' but not 'day' or any documents which have 'Rainy' but not 'night'.

  • If you want to specify how 'fuzzy' the search result can be, you can use ' ~ ' operator. For example, 'foo~2' would match 'food', 'boo', 'good', etc.

Can I filter my search results?

You can filter the search term by type: Clips, Trints, Stories, Captions.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to support@trint.com!

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