What is 'Find & Replace'?

Have you noticed a trend of certain words being slightly misspelled once your transcription is ready? Names? Places? Animals? Things?

You can use ‘Find & Replace’ as a simple search tool to find words or phrases in your Trint or to help you make quick changes to your transcription in one fell swoop!

How do I use it?

Once your transcription is ready to go, you should see a 'Find & Replace' button in the toolbar of your Editor.

Once you’ve clicked on it, you’ll notice a new toolbar appear just below.

To find words, all you need to do is type in what you’re looking to find and it will instantly find and highlight all instances. You can use the arrows to go through all instances.

To replace words, type the new word into the ‘Replace' field. Before you click on ‘Done’, you can have it replace just one instance or all of them. Once you’re good and ready to make those changes, click on ‘Done’ and Trint will automatically do all the heavy lifting for you.

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