This feature is only available for users with Zoom Pro accounts.

You can now connect your Zoom account with your Trint account, and transcribe your recorded Zoom meetings with a few clicks of a button! Read more to find out how.


When you connect your Zoom account to your Trint account, Zoom will push your Cloud Recordings for the past 6 months to Trint. Note: you do not have to use the same email address for both Trint and Zoom.

First, go to your Integrations tab. After clicking Connect for Zoom, Trint will direct you to Zoom's log in page. Once you have signed on, Zoom will ask you for confirmation. Clicking Allow will confirm that you want to proceed with this integration.

From Trint, you can access these recordings by going to the "Zoom Cloud Recordings" folder in your Your Trints page.

Please note that the recordings will not transcribe automatically, and we currently only support transcriptions in English.

From here on out, the Zoom meetings that you record will show up automatically in your "Zoom Cloud Recordings" folder in Trint as well (this may take a couple of minutes).

Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions.

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