Disclaimer: This only pertains to those that are still on our legacy price plans (Basic, Supercharged)

When your monthly allotment is used up, you can purchase more time by uploading a new file. Please note that on a monthly subscription, you can only purchase extra time in one hour increments.

How do I purchase more time?

1) Upload your file

2) Your file will appear as "LOCKED" on your My Trints page

3) Click "ADD HOURS"

4) Follow the prompts to purchase an hour of time


Extra time purchased in a given month is added to the next month's invoice. If you cancel your plan before the next cycle starts, you will still receive a charge for the extra minutes that were previously purchased. These hours are charged at the rate shown on our Pricing page in your equivalent currency: https://trint.com/pricing/


Feel free to reach out to our Support team at support@trint.com.

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