What is the Adobe Premiere plugin?

Trint's automated transcription software automatically transcribes captions and subtitles for audio and video files in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, allowing users to add text to media files in moments. Trint’s plugin converts audio and video tracks to SRT and EDL files for easy integration into any project.

If you have any questions concerning Adobe Premiere, please go to Adobe's support centre.

Where can I download it?

Download Trint’s free Adobe Premiere plugin from Adobe Exchange.

How do I open the Trint extension?

In an open Premiere project, select Window from the drop-down menu, Extensions, then Trint.

This opens the Trint extension.

Enter your email and password, and click Login.

What if I don’t have a Trint account?

No problem, just click sign up now to be taken to the registration page.

How do I upload a file?

To upload a file, drag and drop into the light grey box in the top-right corner of the screen, or click Select files to browse your computer.

How do I transcribe a file?

Once uploaded, files are displayed in the upload queue along with a status bar that shows its progress.

After the upload starts, choose the accent or language for the transcription. You can also check Vocab Builder to use your custom word list during transcription.

To customize your personal word list on Trint, go to Vocab Builder.

When the file has been uploaded, click Transcribe. Depending on the length of the file, it may take a few moments for the transcript to appear. The file will be displayed as Ready when the transcription is finished.

What does the file’s status mean?

Each transcript listed in your Recent Trints will have a status indicator:

  • READY Transcription is complete

  • RECEIVED A transcript has been shared with you from another Trint account

  • EDITED This transcript has been edited in the web-based Trint Editor

  • LOCKED Contact us at support@trint.com

How do I export to Adobe Premiere?

To export a transcript from Trint into your media file, click the export icon to the right of the file


An upload window will appear.

There are two export options:

  1. Export as an SRT file

  2. Export as an EDL file (highlighted portions of transcript only)

The transcript will be downloaded to your computer in the selected format. To add a caption file to a project, drag and drop it into Adobe Premiere, just as you would with any other media.

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