Trint is an automated transcription service.

You can upload and transcribe files, without anyone here at Trint ever seeing them.

Simply: sign up for an account, open the web app, and upload your files to the site.

Trint's algorithms get to work and give you back a machine generated transcript. Then (here's the magic) it glues that text to the audio you provided, giving you a platform from which you can polish the transcript up to perfect. Within seconds, you'll have searchable transcripts you can trust.

Trint versus manual transcription

What is said, can now be read!

Technology has transformed workflows in ways we wouldn’t have been able to imagine a generation ago. But one part of that workflow is still stuck in the past … getting the content out of audio and video recordings. We’ve endured the pain of manual transcription for too long. And Trint is the result of these frustrations.

We’re turning painful hours of work into satisfying minutes, all at a very low cost. Here at Trint, we don’t use humans to transcribe. We believe our time is too precious for that. Instead, our machine learning robots do the heavy lifting for you (don’t worry, they’re treated with a lot of respect), working hard to transform your audio and video files into written content. Content that you can then edit, search, verify, polish and share.

Trint is already improving the workflows (and lives) of several global corporations and generating a buzz beyond our wildest dreams. We're overwhelmed. We're humbled. And we're hungry to do more. We know we're not performing miracles, but we do believe we're creating magic.

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