If there is no text on the page (for example, in the screenshot below) when your file has been transcribed or if parts of the text are missing or nonsensical, this may be due to the file being saved in stereo (i.e. having two channels).

Our algorithms can sometimes miss the second channel of a file, which means that if all, or part, of the information is encoded on that second channel, you can end up with an incomplete transcript.

Thankfully, this can be easily fixed by merging two channels into one (often called converting stereo to mono). You can then upload the fixed file to Trint to get a complete transcript.

You can do this using most audio/video software but, if you don't have a favourite, we like to use Audacity - it's free!

If you need more help on converting your file in Audacity, just reach out to us at support@trint.com and we'll walk you through it.

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