If you are the admin of an Enterprise account, you will have access to the Admin Dashboard in the Your Space menu on the left hand side of your My Trints and Stories page.

The dashboard enables you to manage your organisation’s Trint usage, add and remove team members, monitor usage and activity and manage Workspaces.


Under the Usage tab you can view Overall Organisation usage, usage by period (select month from the drop down list), and usage per team.

Team & Members

Here you can view all members of your organisation, both in Teams and Unassigned. You can add members, export a list of all members as a CSV file, and create new Teams. You can also remove members from the organisation and from a Team.

How do I add members?

  1. On the Teams & Members screen shown above, click Add Member

  2. Type in the email address of the person you want to add to your team.

  3. Click on Invite

The new team member will receive an email and invitation link. Once they accept, they will be part of your team.

How do I remove members?

  1. On the Teams & Members screen shown above, check the box to the left of the user you want to remove

  2. Click on the Delete icon in the toolbar at the top of the page

User Activity tab

This provides information on the activity of members of your team, including uploading files, transcribing in realtime and deleting files. You can filter this by month and export it as a CSV file.


The Workspaces tab allows you to view the Workspaces in your organisation. You can view the list of Workspaces and their details. As the admin you can also Archive or Restore the workspaces.

Workspace Permissions

The Workspace Permissions tab allows you to view the 6 default permissions, as well as your custom permissions. Here you can also create new custom personal permissions.

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