Having trouble using Trint? Let's troubleshoot!

If you're having trouble uploading a file, click here.

If your having trouble with your transcription accuracy:

  1. Click here if you think that part or all of the transcript has gone missing

  2. Or here if the accuracy is simply lower than you expected.

For all other troubleshooting, please check the following:

Try switching browsers

It sounds simple, but 9/10 times it resolves the issue. We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome. But if you're having trouble in one browser, try an alternative.

Extensions and Plugins

Third-party extensions (for example, Grammarly, Evernote, and Adobe Reader) don’t really get on with our platform - they like to interfere with our Editor. This includes the movement of your cursor, and any of the text that it highlights. Pesky, we know. So we recommend turning off all third-party extensions before you start Trinting.

To see whether or not this may be an issue for you, you can use Incognito mode on Google Chrome. Incognito mode automatically disables most of the extensions and plugins that could be interfering with your use of our site.

Here's an article to help with Incognito: Browse in Private.


If you can't see the upload modal, don't receive verification emails from us, or receive an error message about connectivity, the issue may have to do with your WiFi network. Some workplaces and educational networks have firewalls or other blocks in place that may be interfering with our file sharing software 'File Stack' or our mailing services such as 'Mailchimp'. In that case, please contact your network admin and ask them to unblock us.

Alternatively, you might just have a poor connection.

Still having problems?

If you’re still running slow or experiencing problems, then reach out to our Support team: support@trint.com.

For our own diagnostic purposes, please send us the following:

1. The email you used to register for an account

2. The browser and browser version you were using

3. What kind of WiFi network you are working from

4. What device you are using to access Trint

5. Whether you are using the mobile or web app

6. A detailed description of the bug you are experiencing

7. And a screenshot of the issue or behavior you would like us to look into.

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