What happens to my Trint after I export?

After you export, you will still be able to see your transcript. You can also continue to edit and make changes to your Trint and export as many times as you like!

How do I export?

Exporting your edited file on Trint is easy!

Simply open the file in the editor and click on the Export button in the top toolbar. You can then choose the relevant format and whether you want to export a) the entire document or b) just the highlights.

File Types

You can export your Trints into the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word Document (.docx)

  • Audio (.m4a): Export your full transcript as an audio file

  • Video (.mp4): Export your full transcript as an video file

  • SubRip (.srt): Universal subtitling format

  • VTT (.vtt): Subtitles for use with HTML video players and other software

  • Avid DS Subtitles (.txt): Subtitles for use with Avid Media Composer and other software

  • Avid ScriptSync: Compatible with Avid Media Composer 8.8 and above

  • Spruce STL Subtitles (.stl): Spruce subtitling format

  • Edit Decision List (.edl): Video editing post-production format for importing into Premiere and Media Composer

  • Interactive Transcript (.html): Customisable HTML player - downloads a rudimentary version of a Trint that you can play on your browser

  • Project (.xml): Video/audio editing project format for importing into Premiere, Audition and Final Cut Pro 7

  • CSV (.csv): Export full transcript, comments, highlights or markers into a CSV file

  • Embed with Trint Player (YouTube & Trint): Embeddable transcript player for your website

Options for Exporting Captions (.srt and .vtt)

This applies to exporting transcripts in .srt and .vtt. You can also create and export captions to .srt using our Caption Editor feature.

Caption Length

You can change the default length of your subtitles by moving the slider to the left or right.
For more direct control, you can set subtitles to match the paragraphs of your Trint.

Speaker Names

You can toggle speaker names on and off by checking the box shown below. Remember, you must manually insert speaker names into your Trint for them to show up in your exports.

You can also customize how speaker names are displayed by having them inserted to the left of the subtitle or above it. You can also choose to input the names in all uppercase letters (CONNOR) or as entered in your Trint (Connor).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@trint.com.

Can I export multiple files at the same time?

Yes, you can do this from your Trints page. Select the files you want and click Export in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Can I export my file without timecodes?

Yes, absolutely! Just go to your Settings and disable the "Show time at start of paragraph" option, and your future exports won't have any timecodes attached. You can re-enable this setting at any time.

You can also opt to disable the Include timings on paste option and copy/paste your Trint into another application, if you prefer!

My export disappeared

Trint does not erase your files after you export, so if you can't find your files, you should check your Trints page thoroughly before contacting support@trint.com. If you have folders on your Trints page, it could be that this file has been accidentally moved into one.

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