Supported Formats:

We support the following types of audio and video files:

Audio: MP3, M4A, MP4, AAC and WAV

Video: MP4, WMA, MOV and AVI.

Can't see your file format here?

It's easy to convert to one of these formats. Many standard audio or video players will do it for you. You can also check on Google. One of our favorite audio converters is Audacity (and it's free).

Unfortunately we cannot accept YouTube links, or any other links to video/audio files. We have had to implement this policy to ensure that, at the very least, our users have a copy of the original file before uploading. While this does not prove ownership of the files in question, it does help us avoid the legal headache surrounding copyright infringement.

File Size

For best performance, please ensure that your file is under 3 hours in duration, and/or 3GB in size, whichever comes first. While you can upload files above this limit, you are more likely to encounter stalling/upload errors.

Multi-Channel Audio Files

Trint sometimes has trouble reading multi-channel audio files. If your transcription looks like it's missing some parts or, in rare cases, the entire transcription, you may want to convert from stereo to mono. See Missing or Partial Transcription for more information.

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